Responsly Experience management platform for customers, employees and users


Experience management platform for customers, employees and users...

Responsly is a platform for managing the experience of customers, employees, and users.

We built it on a super-easy and powerful visual editor. It delivers beautiful surveys and forms that people love to answer.

Our products use advanced algorithms to analyze feedback. We could say we use AI, but we don’t want to promote our product with buzzwords. We encourage you to try our solution, and we’re confident you will like it.

With Responsly, you can easily configure Enterprise solutions for your business without Enterprise hassle. You can gather feedback from multiple sources in one place. Our in-house analytics let you understand data and make decisions quickly.

Our tech stack is based on Vue.js. The product website uses the new version of Nuxt.js framework. In our backend we use JavaScript and Go.

Startup from Poland

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