ReplyDesk Multichannel eCommerce customer service helpdesk - simple and effective


Multichannel eCommerce customer service helpdesk - simple and effective...

ReplyDesk is a cloud-powered help desk that enables online retailers to improve customer service delivery by reducing the time it takes to resolve customer inquiries.ReplyDesk integrates with emails, social media accounts, webstores, and the world's leading selling channels to provide a unified inbox for all your customer communication.Automate email responses and customer inquiries using smart automation rules. Customer support agents can quickly insert automatic-suggested replies for common queries and inject email templates. Your agents can also mention other teammates and tag tickets for assistance and organization.ReplyDesk also automatically translates messages from customers into your choice of 140 languages so that you can efficiently serve multiple territories.Resolve customer issues in real-time and manage all disputes, returns, and refunds from all your webstores, marketplaces and selling channels. Connect your sales channels to ReplyDesk, and start processing everything in one place.

ReplyDesk, the best customer support software for eCommerce businesses, automates customer support processes so online merchants can respond quickly to customer inquiries, taking time back to focus on selling more. ReplyDesk integrates with over 10 marketplaces, selling channels, webstores, communication tools, and social media networks — more than any other customer support software. Subscriptions include all the essential helpdesk tools you need, combined with automated templates, team messaging, intelligent routing, auto-feedback, and insights.

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