RedCappi E-mail marketing service for small businesses


E-mail marketing service for small businesses...

Startup from United States of America

RedCappi is the easiest email marketing tool on the web. You can create, send and track amazing looking emails and newsletters in just minutes. Every once in a while, a tool that revolutionizes how things are done comes a long! RedCappi is that tool! Take control of your email marketing easily! RedCappi has revolutionized email marketing with an easy to use tool that takes zero training. This innovative email marketing tool helps you create customizable campaigns with simple drag and drop features. Drag and drop coupons, videos and more right into your emails. Automating your email campaign has never been easier. We have designed a system that is so easy to use yet so effective, allowing you to setup your first campaign within 22 minutes. Easily engage your audience, share information, brand your business and spread the news all from one easy to use program that is designed for ease of use. RedCappi has removed the need for a marketing guru, anyone can become an email marketing expert using this program. Capture data in real time so that you can adjust your campaign quickly to what works. Entice social media users and get connected with a few clicks of your mouse. The features will enable you to become the master of your own marketing campaign. Why pay for high priced advertising when you can get the word out in your own voice and reel in the leads! RedCappi will change how you view marketing. Finally, a product that is geared toward helping business owners become independent of the marketing hype! Expect to see growth and improved conversions with RedCappi, built especially for business owners with a desire to succeed!


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