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*raiseto is a better way to discover good ideas*

The goal of raiseto is to improve the way people discover useful & inspiring ideas.

Whether they are learned from others or from own experience, everyone has ideas that have made a big difference in their lives. These ideas — framed with your unique experiences and expression — would be valuable for others, too.

*How it works*

Using raiseto is designed to be easy and fun.

*Discover*: Select a category and swipe through idea snippets to see if any inspires you or touches on your problem. If so, you can then expand it and read the full content.

*Share*: To help others find helpful ideas, you can sign up and post your own. It's not necessary to write long content; you can write only a short snippet of the idea and others can request for more in-depth explanation on it.

*Engage*: There are three ways to engage with content:
> Upvote: This is a great piece of content and more people should see it.
> Useful: I learned something new and useful — works as a ranking factor as well as saying "thank you" to the author.
> Save: Save the idea and find it easily from your profile. For logged-in users.

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