Quickr Design System 2000+ Figma components library to design web app & SaaS

Quickr Design System

2000+ Figma components library to design web app & SaaS...

2000+ Components of Figma Library to Design web app and SaaS. A Versatile Source of Pre-configured Components & Symbols, Which Allows Creating the Interface for any Application Quickly. Quickr Design System Was Crafted to Help You Build Any Easy to Complex Product from Paper sketch Idea to Clickable Prototype with Simple Drag-n-drop Components. High-impact, Scalable Design to any Screen at Any Time with The Power of a Unified System of Foundation. It's Easier to Edit, Configure & Apply the Style for Texts and Colors. Check the Guideline Carefully. A Maintainable Library Allows You to Use it on Any Project or Product Seamlessly.
⚡Easy Customization of Components with Few Clicks⚡Multiple Variants and States⚡Vector-based Free Icon Set⚡Swap Components & Instance⚡Less Work with Auto Layout and Resizing⚡Graphs and Charts

Figma, Dorik

Startup from United States of America

Persona SPARK

Psychology-Driven Persona Builder


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