Q°emotion The customer emotion platform: To turn your customer comments into emotional insights...



The customer emotion platform: To turn your customer comments into emotional insights......



The emotion analytics platform is analyzing your customer online reviews or survey comments to easily :
- detect the customer experience insights
- monitor pain points and enchanting factors
- stop customer churn with customized alerts

Q°emotion helps companies to search for customer insights using advanced emotional analytics.

Q°emotion is the first customer experience solution that enables companies to detect and manage emotional insights from customer feedbacks and reviews. 

Accepted sources: Satisfaction & NPS surveys, Google reviews, Google MyBusiness, Tripadvisor reviews, 
Social Networks (Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Amazon reviews, etc.

Accepted formats: web URL, excel file, CSV files, twitter accounts, twitter hashtags, etc.

Market leaders in the tourism, retail, banking, services, and FMCG industries
use the Q°emotion solution to manage millions of reviews and comments (such as TUI, Parc Astérix, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Chanel, Crédit Agricole, Sodexo, Caisse d'Epargne, Heineken, Savencia.)


Q°emotion harnesses the power of NLP, Affective Computing and AI to help measure the customer experience.
The platform cxinsights.io is dedicated to measure and monitor all the dimensions of the customer experience including the customer journeys and to launch impactful corrective actions within your organization.

Using advanced emotional analytics based on the direct wordings of the customers, our solution dramatically simplifies the setup of a CEMS (Customer Experience Management System) and immediately help better detect emotional insights from the customer experience.

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