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We are an ambitious international service that provides coupons and discounts. We work in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. We already cooperated with biggest Internet shops in this regions. Ourpartners: Aliexpress, Amazon, Lamoda, Wildberries, Answear and others.

The project has no big team. We have 4 people, not big, but effective. We planing expansion to other countries and regions.

Our goal is to become the № 1 online platform that offers a solution to the problem of millions of users who are looking around for discounts, coupon codes just to save some money on their online purchases. Within just a few clicks, it’s now possible to search for the best offers from a wide range of brands and stores around the world.We are dedicated to offering help and support to the users who enjoy shopping online and want to be aware of the best discount and coupon codes that are active right now.

Our online platform does that and more by showcasing all the discounts and hot deals that online stores are offering in various product categories.


Internet, delivering coupons and discounts to all users that need it and sign up for delivery

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