Prep for Med A medical education video platform for medical school applicants

Prep for Med

A medical education video platform for medical school applicants...

Startup from United Kingdom

Prep for Med is a video content platform featuring medical educational content for those applying to medical school and looking for a single perfect resource to learn the foundations of medicine, prepare for medical school interviews, and ultimately explore if medicine is the right career for them. 

Being the first of its kind, Prep for Med’s video content is contributed by doctors and medical students from some of the best universities, and addresses the A to Z of medical school. It builds on the knowledge taught in secondary school science lessons and allows students to learn clinical medicine from first principles, initially running them through anatomy and physiology, and then teaching them how diseases arise and how physicians manage those. Prep for Med is the absolute companion to anyone who wants to enter medical school with confidence and overcome the giant leap existing between secondary school and university.


The bank of video content offers a comprehensive insight into the foundations of medicine as a degree and a career. The content can be broken down into several themes. These include core content on each clinical specialty (including cardiology, neurology, immunology etc.), guidance on the UCAT and BMAT admission tests and medical interviews, tips for writing the perfect personal statement, and of course teaching you clinical skills such as taking a history from a patient. On top of these, our team offers insights into life as a medical student and as a doctor in our exceptionally recommended podcasts, addressing some of the most commonly asked questions and resolving any uncertainty.




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