Polly Lingual Learn foreign languages with interactive lessons and one-to-one video tutors

Polly Lingual

Learn foreign languages with interactive lessons and one-to-one video tutors...

Startup from United States of America

Polly Lingual teaches foreign languages by combining data-driven lessons and live video teachers. We currently offer courses in 13 different languages, each with customized learning tools that adapt based on individual student progress.

It is available on the iTunes App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/app/polly-lingual/id1049407300), for Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pangaealearning.pollylingual) and at https://pollylingu.al/. We currently have lessons in Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Dutch.

Students can choose courses from beginner to advanced, and by special interests like Travel, Business and Medicine. Our predictive lesson algorithms customize the each student’s path to learn more successfully. Private video lessons with native-speaker teachers allow students to practice conversation, build confidence and truly express themselves in a foreign language.

By using the best of both human and computerized approaches to learning a foreign language, Polly Lingual provides a complete path from beginner to fluent. We offer verb conjugation trainers with audio, alphabet lessons, and reference materials for specific linguistic aspects. But learning a language is really about communicating with humans, so our Ambassador video teachers connect with students for conversation practice, homework help, exam prep and more.


Polly Lingual is available as an iOS, Android and Web app. It works through a PHP API.




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