Opter An ecosystem of beautiful health trackers designed to make health a habit.


An ecosystem of beautiful health trackers designed to make health a habit....

An ecosystem of interconnected habit trackers that work together to addict you to healthy habits. These trackers take data from different parts of your day to figure out which of your lifestyle factors affect each other and how you can modify your daily routine to improve various health metrics, like sleep quality, posture, and oral health. The ecosystem will include a sleep tracker, a smart water bottle, a posture-tracking necklace, and a smart toothbrush attachment. Each tracker aims to build healthy habits in a more involved way than the "if you track it, you'll be more motivated” promise of most lifestyle trackers. We plan to do this by hacking the reward system of the brain. Just as FarmVille uses variable, well-timed rewards and the delayed and instant gratification of the investment of effort to addict you to a game, our app and ecosystem will use these strategies to addict you to good health habits. Opter sleep is the debut product of the Opter ecosystem. It is a simple but powerful sleep tracker that optimizes your health by giving you advice for behavior change. It learns about you and your schedule to optimize your sleep and wake times based on your personal biological clock. It can even help with jet lag and schedule shifts.

Connect other parts of your day to the Opter app, either by connecting other devices or by logging, and it can give you correlations and insights so you can figure out what helps you sleep well and what keeps you up at night. This sleek, portable sleep tracker automatically syncs to your phone, requires no charging, and has a 3-5 year battery life.

All of our products have roughly the same technology.

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