Opporty a social networking platform which offers a quick way to buy, sell or exchange goods and services


a social networking platform which offers a quick way to buy, sell or exchange goods and services...

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This social networking platform was created to bring business-individual communication to the next level. Small- and midsize companies can carry out the whole selling process via Opporty. The presence of members in the form of "internet community" allows to share information among all market participants. Online reviews and ratings will be good feedback tools of risk management for companies. Thus, they are guaranteed to become niche leaders, get lots of high-quality traffic, post and share valuable content and find employees.
Opporty is helpful for interested individuals who search for some products and for freelancers and contractors who offer their services. Easy selection of proposals, the speed of decision-making, the way of communication via electronic channels will help simplify communication between individuals and companies. Moreover reviews will help the customer to select the supplier of goods or services faster, while minimizing the risks. This is how all target audiences, buyers and sellers can interact, contact businesses and compare companies within one marketplace.


Opporty is a young but already competitive marketplace. Its boundless B2B and B2C approaches are developed for business owners, employees, clients, buyers, vendors, freelancers, etc. Opporty’s professionals offer the unique business model that saves marketing budgets and effectively promotes companies online

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