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Kandi from Open Weaver helps develop applications faster through library and code snippets reuse. Developers can also develop incredible ideas from scratch with kandi kits and stay ahead on technology trends.  

  • Our differentiation is on the enabling the developer to create an application or a use case with ease, while ensuring that code is scalable and non-proprietary. With kandi, developers build applications faster and better by reusing open-source components. We didn’t just stop at providing a platform where they can find millions of libraries and code snippets to reuse. We continuously take user feedback and tune our algorithms to recommend components that best suit the user’s needs and environments. We also recommend code snippets, install commands and FAQs that will help the developers build their applications. Furthermore, we have implemented features to make executing complex solutions a 1-click for beginners and experienced developers. We have also added the ability for developers to stay ahead of complex technology trends in the digital and open source field. Together these capabilities help the developers jumpstart their application development.

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