ONPASSIVE ONPASSIVE: Transforming Manual Business Using Artificial Intelligence


ONPASSIVE: Transforming Manual Business Using Artificial Intelligence...

Startup from United States of America

ONPASSIVE is the first & only total internet solution provider with a complete ecosystem of automation tools and applications. The company extended its operations on multiple streams such as digital marketing, VPN, Private Inbox, video tools, and more. 
Mr. Ash Mufareh founded the company in July 2018 to empower online and offline business productivity across the world with the inbuilt AI-driven marketing and sales automated solutions. 
Why Partner with ONPASSIVE?

• Provides personalized tools and applications to automate all business needs
• Enhances communication with your clients
• Offers automated, real-time personalized experiences
• Redefines customer engagement


ONPASSIVE is an evolving business solution to automate and align any business, right from the prospecting to the selling and the recruiting. The organization also provides an automated marketing platform driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that recognizes requirements and takes actions independently.

ONPASSIVE Review — What Is It?

The ONPASSIVE opportunity is an MLM business where you have to refer to other members and develop a team to earn commissions. The company is in the advertising field, where they support you in generating traffic from within the website itself from other members of the program. The business is still in a pre-launch state, so some of the information may change after the launch; if that happens, we will update it in the future.


ONPASSIVE is a product-based AI tech company headquartered in the US. It established to assist the firms across various sectors to automate their marketing initiatives with AI-powered automation tools. The primary objective is to help online and offline businesses achieve their strategic objectives by providing effective sales and marketing automation tools. The innovative products help entrepreneurs outreach their business goals and objectives in a shorter period.




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