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Startup from United Kingdom

PixxiBook helps you to create a real physical book from your blog posts. A quick and easy way to transform all of your content including text and photos directly into a large, hardbound photo book. It is perfect as a memento of a long trip or as a gift for friends and family.

I developed this service to fulfill my own needs when I wanted to print my travel blog as a book. I found existing services to be dull and uninspiring - not much better than just printing from your browser! Now, creating a book manually is often a long and tedious task but this is an automated service where it uses a true book-style layout which is elegant and stylish. We minimize the number of decisions that you need to make so now it is true that you can create a full book in just minutes. You able to customize the content selection and the cover. 

Creating the book preview is free.  Once you are happy with the result you can have your book printed and it will be delivered to your door.


Web stack is vue.js and firebase. An autoscaling farm of workers live in the cloud and perform book layout and preview generation asynchronously. Payments by stripe and global print and dispatch via various print partners.




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