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PeckApp is a mobile app that allows people to share all forms of contact information simultaneously with a tap.  The users can customize what they would like to send by choosing from their phone number, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, email, LinkedIn, or Venmo to share.  PeckApp is a tool that helps users to quickly create a new phone contact, add on Snapchat or LinkedIn, follow on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, send an email, or make a payment to that person on Venmo.  People communicate across so many platforms, PeckApp helps to link them all together.


PeckApp is an iOS app built using Swift and Bluetooth. Bluetooth technology detects users nearby that also have the app open. It also serves as a platform to send and receive information that you wish to share securely. PeckApp’s unique Bluetooth identifier makes sure all information is accurate and protected when sending and receiving data. Also by using Bluetooth and not wifi, data can be stored locally on the device and backed up using Google’s Firebase platform. This ensures that all data is protected and secure.

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