Notion Track, share and visualize team performance metrics and KPIs in one place.


Track, share and visualize team performance metrics and KPIs in one place....

Build. Measure. Learn. With frictionless KPI dashboards, team polling, and one-click reporting, spend less time wrangling spreadsheets and wondering "How are we doing?" and more time answering "How do we get better?".
Unlimited Dashboards: Notion helps teams that want to be more competitive and more productive by getting the most out of the data they already have. We allow team members to have their own dashboards and focus on what matters most to them. Administrators can create private dashboards for more sensitive data.
Custom KPI Recipe Builder: With the Notion Recipe Builder, we designed an interface to enable all your team members to define the key performance indicators and metrics that matter to them.
Team Polling. Track team health right next to data from your tools. Unless you’re regularly asking your team the right questions, you’re missing out on their valuable feedback.
Data Ownership and Workflow. Forget nagging a co-worker to send you their spreadsheet. Notion workflow takes care of sourcing directly from owners.
Easy Reporting and Sharing. One click is all it takes to build a beautiful and compelling report that's easily shared with those that need it.

    See your numbers across projects, teams, and time. Dashboards help you track the data your team collects from your product, your engineering team, customer feedback, your revenue, and marketing metrics.

    We offer Recipes specific to engineering, SaaS, customer support and marketing. You can make custom recipes or get templates for any of the Pirate Metrics.

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