NetHunt CRM  Turn Gmail into your smart CRM system

NetHunt CRM

Turn Gmail into your smart CRM system...

NetHunt CRM is a simple Customer Relationship Management system inside your Gmail inbox. You can turn emails into the customizable CRM records (cards) to store related customer or lead information and manage them in a sales pipeline using a convenient drag-and-drop interface. With its flexible structure, NetHunt CRM fits different workflows and business activities, from sales and customer support to project management and marketing.

NetHunt features include:
1) a flexible CRM system inside Gmail;
2) personalized mass mailing inside Gmail;
3) open email tracking;
4) follow-ups for emails and records;
5) Google Apps integration; 
6) mobile apps.

NetHunt CRM is a cloud-based CRM system. It's available as a Chrome browser extension and as the native Android and iOS applications.

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