Netbeast IoT development platform that empowers developers to easily create and deploy IoT apps.


IoT development platform that empowers developers to easily create and deploy IoT apps....


Netbeast is an open source software platform. Its purpose is to connect devices from different technologies and brands allowing their interaction and enabling software developers to create applications that control said devices without having to worry about issues related to the communication and network layers.

Its modularity and design allow any developer to add support for new devices, brands, standards and technologies with ease. It’s based on web technologies such as the JavaScript language, the Node.js runtime and Facebook’s React UI library that allow it to run efficiently in many environments such as high-tech devices (smartphones, desktop computers, ...), low-tech devices (routers, network gateways & hubs, set-top boxes, ...) and in the cloud. The platform is connected to a marketplace of applications that run on top of it. Developers can offer and sell their apps through this marketplace to platform users.


Netbeast is built on the most advanced web technologies (HTML5, Node.js, React & others) and is completely platform agnostic (can be installed in any operative system and computer/board existing). All Netbeast software is completely Open Source (GNU GPLv3 license) allowing any developer in the world to contribute to its maintenance and improvement.



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