myOrb Ltd myOrb is the Excel of information sharing and collaboration.

myOrb Ltd

myOrb is the Excel of information sharing and collaboration....

Designed to be your digital memory, myOrb allows you to gather content from any source on the web, your local drive or your mobile device. It doesn't matter if it's a video file or Word document, a playlist from Spotify or a map from Google, myOrb lets you store and use it all from inside a space. 

Its highly visual and user-friendly UI allows you to easily organise and find your favourite content, for fast retrieval when you want to view a video or share an article with friends or colleagues. If you end up with lots of spaces that cover multiple subjects, projects or tasks you can also categorise them into separate folders.

Built to be equally as fast and effective on both desktop and mobile browsers, you can access myOrb from almost anywhere, so long as you have a mobile connection. Even on a 3G-network download and upload speeds are like those you expect on wifi connections, so you'll never have to worry about accessing your stuff again.

Its unique sharing system allows you to invite people into a space either privately by email or a link for social media, members can then contribute their own content too. With no need for a native app your friends and colleagues only need to create an account, login and they'll have access to all of your great content. Sharing has never been easier.

If you want to keep everyone on the same page or just have a chat with your friends, myOrb's has built-in Chat and Email to help you stay in touch. myOrb's Note and Comment tools also allow you to collaborate with anyone who is in a space, increasing workflow and productivity since everything is in one place, allowing you to work smarter with myOrb. 

Originally conceived to bridge the gap between consumer tech and enterprise environments, in a world where fragmented information (i.e. multiple storage solutions, email accounts & social media channels) slows you down by making your stuff hard to find, myOrb is our answer.


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