Welcome to the World’s Football TV

Welcome to the World’s Football TV...

Startup from Switzerland
Description was founded in 2014 with the vision of offering football stakeholders dedicated Social TV channels. We are working together with small and medium size players, clubs, leagues, competitions and federations to help them empower their businesses by managing their own professional online TVs. 

The platform offers the right holders the possibility to access a series of advanced tools for the creation of a free customizable thematic TV channel to produce and distribute live and on-demand content. In doing so, mycujoo acts as a powerful empowering force against the fragmentation and inequality that today afflicts the football-broadcasting universe.

By creating their own channels, small teams can gain the visibility they deserve while engaging more effectively with their fan base and generating new business and monetization opportunities. As a matter of fact, viewers can create their own profiles on the website and enjoy matches for free while clubs, leagues and federation can count on a series of tools to monetize their content (ads, PPV, subscriptions, donations) and strengthen their sponsorship propositions.  

Technology offers a set of technologies and tools that were created to inspire our partners to produce and share high quality original content, enabling the generation of unprecedented revenues that will allow them to sustain and grow their organizations. 

By creating their own TV, all mycujoo partners have access to a free platform that allows live and delayed video broadcasting, TV programming, historical video archive management and branding empowerment, 
sharing an infrastructure built with the latest online broadcasting technology that exists as a community effort with the purpose of empowering clubs and leagues.

Our partners don't need to be a marketing expert or a developer; or wealth or a particular pedigree. Our doors are open to all those who care about football.



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