MUST2GO A virtual tour guide and personal travel assistant with 24/7 online support.



A virtual tour guide and personal travel assistant with 24/7 online support. ...

United Arab Emirates



MUST2GO is a virtual tour guide and personal travel assistant with 24/7 online support. 
We are just a friend in a foreign country, that will tell you everything, will show the best places, will be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will answer all questions related to the traveling. We have collected only favorable and high-quality proposals for whatever you need or interest in. Without spending time and extra money you will get unbiased information and the best firsthand advice, because we have checked all the proposals by ourselves. 
No need to «google» anymore where to go or how to book. You can find out what entertainments and services are in the region with the help of our app and immediately buy tickets online. This way you save your time and pass the queue to the popular areas very fast. We provide the necessary information and are always happy to help you at any time, because we know how this assistance is important when you are in a foreign country. Your journey becomes simple and relaxing with the help of MUST2GO mobile application. 

Our goal

We strive to become the best virtual tour guide in the world.

Our task

Our main task is to make a positive and unforgettable experience from every trip. We are in touch with you 24/7 and provide up-to-date objective information about rest and stay in country so that you can concentrate on emotions, planning everything quickly and easily.

Our slogan

With MUST2GO, you're no longer a foreigner!

Our values

  • our main priority is you and your great impressions
  • just high-quality proposals from reliable suppliers
  • the most special offers
  • tourist support in any situation 24/7

Our team

We are a team of specialists who know the tourism market and always give an unbaised coverage of all offers and opportunities! 
Our head-office is located in Dubai. We are 10 people in Dubai, who focus on business development, working with suppliers, and also on quality control 
Our back-office is located in Turkey, it contains 5 people, who focus on working with suppliers. 
In Saudi Arabia we have 5 Marketing Specialists and Affiliate Network. 
In Russia there are 10 people, they are technical experts in IT field and development, as well as managers for working with the partner network. 
In Ukraine we have a team of 12 persons, who provide customer and marketing support. 
Contact us and we will be your personal in-travel guide in your pocket, so that you can focus on your impressions, not on the organization process.


The virtual assistant MUST2GO is a complete replacement of all guides and consultants during your trip everywhere: in the airport, in the hotel, on the information board and tour guides on the street. We are opening new opportunities for tourism and entertainments. We want to change our view of tourism and make your rest on the territory of each new country filled with only positive emotions.

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