Musical Blockchain Musical Blockchain – first true psychology-based AI-Composer with no analogues in the world yet.

Musical Blockchain

Musical Blockchain – first true psychology-based AI-Composer with no analogues in the world yet....

Startup from Lithuania

Musical Blockchain — World's first Creative approach to Blockchain+AI.

Where's the revolution?
We invented and developed a computer (AI) composer solution, who composes music, using provided user data (images/pics/text/binary) as a Source of Inspiration, building melody tone-by-tone using the Blockchain+AI with natural-like inspiration and improvisation processes.
This means that computer naturally looks at the provided data like a real composers would look at it — getting inspired, with all genius, brilliance and tension — while scoring the soundtrack.
We propose a new, innovative way for data-inspired psychology-based melodic sequence composition, sound generation, data-driven digital art and visuals generation, new fundamentals and methodologies for computer-based Decentralized Improvisation™.

This unique AI composer have no analogues in the world yet.

When it comes to AI/computer-generated works, computer-generated sequences powered by pre-trained models are proximate to the result of the work of a real human being.The result usually uses previously predefined patterns to replicate styles, movements and techniques.Our essential principle is to avoid randomly generated calculation results with pre-trained models.
We utilize machine learning algorithms for the data analysis and deep learning of the natural-like inspiration, using our in-house developed methodologies, psychological matrix with additional emotional markers to add human-like composer/performer behavior.
Natural-like improvisation and jamming processes done on a technological level with the aid of a Blockchain.

While currently all Blockchain applications for all Creative Industries is about rights management, storage/sharing, direct sales and money talks, Musical Blockchain truly connects art, music and creativity with technologies directly on many levels.

Why Blockchain?
Because we define musical composition as a chain of linked blocks.

Melodic sequence being built block-by-block by the network of nodes , working simultaneously, with an optional coordination by the conductor.Nodes are building blocks in the same way as musicians in a studio creating a melody.Each node in a network represents a different voice/instrument with own charisma/character, building its own part of a block.Another block of melody being built when all nodes reach consensus.

Musical Blockchain already have a profound impact on the real world in a different ways:
We use our invention in the music, art, culture, education, urban/city development initiatives, number of social initiatives, medicine/psychology/audio therapy research, and various other areas.


Musical Blockchain composes audio/music using psychological matrix, compiled with CV-methods and nonstructural data analysis to create musical patterns and mathematical models for several CNNs, then used to create propabilistic graphical model of emotional markers to add human-like performer behaviour.






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