MiraBurst Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets Healthy Eating Made Enjoyable with MiraBurst

MiraBurst Miracle Berry Taste Enhancing Tablets

Healthy Eating Made Enjoyable with MiraBurst...

Startup from United States of America

MiraBurst was founded in 2014 by Dr. Emmanuel Asare, MD with a mission to use the miracle berry to help people enjoy healthy eating by incorporating more fruits and vegetables into their daily eating habits. In 2013, Dr. Asare was diagnosed with borderline diabetes and was forced to change his diet by adding more fruits and vegetables and reducing his consumption of processed foods and sugar. Initially, this proved extremely difficult because he was addicted to sugar-filled foods and drinks. As he attempted to find ways to eat healthier and cut down on sugar, he saw a television program on a fruit called the miracle berry, which originates from Ghana, West Africa. This piqued Dr. Asare’s interest as he is also from Ghana originally. He decided to devote his time and energy to commercialize this fruit for the benefit of himself, the world, and Ghana.
In 2014, MiraBurst was founded with the mission to educate the general public especially diabetics, borderline diabetics, children, and the health-conscious population about how to become healthy eaters by adding more healthy foods and drinks in their diet and reducing their intake of processed foods and sugar without sacrificing their sweet tooth. 


MiraBurst tablet is produced from 100% all-natural miracle fruit powder without any additives or preservatives.





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