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Looking for a software development company to realize your wildest tech-savvy ideas? Here we are - a team of mobile and web architects, who would like to serve you in the way we want to be served. Excellent quality, well-managed processes and amusing designs are the key points we focus on every project.


The Mind Studios family is comprised of seasoned professionals and experts with a wealth of experience in mobile and web, design and marketing research aspects. We have worked together for many years in various environments and in April of 2013 we created our own company to serve you in the way we would want to be served. As our on-board officers create directions Mind Studios will grow in, it’s the team that keeps Mind ship afloat.

Several years on the market have brought us our own product approach that takes advantage of our experience to fulfill your expectations. From market research and up to your product’s further promotion - our team of experienced devs does not leave a thing unattached.The main beauty of Mind approach is the continuous evolvement we provide you and your demanding needs with. Not only in terms of web and mobile.Advancement is one of our core values, and it has found an implementation in various activities we hold, including regularly scheduled Mind Days (biweekly educational event, when an expert from a certain field visits Mind Studios and delights us with some fresh business or psychology finds), conferences and pub crawls, and even relocation to foreign countries once we feel stuck in the rut


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