Mind Tracker Application for mental health

Mind Tracker

Application for mental health...

Mind Tracker is simple mood tracker and mental state, check your emotions everyday. We help to make interaction with your personal specialist more effective.

  • Mark the mood. Keeping a diary has a therapeutic effect and teaches you to evaluate your well-being.
  • Analyze. It is important to remember that the bad moments in your life are just points on a graph. Keeping statistics allows you to objectively look at the whole picture, without the influence of cognitive distortions.
  • Watch for influence. The application will automatically determine which events affect your mood the most. The main thing is not to forget to mark events.
  • Mark emotions. Emotions allow you to determine mental well-being and improve the quality of life more accurately.
  • Look at the calendar. Long-term use of the diary allows you to determine the cyclical nature of your mood.
  • Leave notes. A lot of new things are waiting for you. Right now, we are creating a smart research system for you and many other cool features.

Detailed analytics of emotions and moods, as well as detailed reports for periods. Neural networks that allow you to visualize your emotions.

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