Mimovo 2.0 Travel & Vacation Packages directly from Hotels and BB

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Travel & Vacation Packages directly from Hotels and BB...

Mimovo 2.0 Travel & Vacation Packages directly from Hotels and BB

Gathering vacation packages through specific tags, MIMOVO incites 
touristic promoters and travelers to cooperate and offer/receive discounts.

MIMOVO is a virtual window for gathering different and interconnected ways of traveling. The aim is to collect vacation packages according to specific tags, e.g. sport, local food, lodging, historical heritage ecc. 

It is important to underline that the accommodation is not a primary need, leaving the user independent on creating any type of vacation desired. 
The only need to insert a listing is to choose at least two tags. 
In this way the user will find only vacation packages already organized.

Moreover the single promoters are incited to cooperate to overcome the limits of a single business. Joining their efforts, the local businesses will also promote each other.

This “healthy competition” allows the more organized and more updated structures to involve also the submersed touristic part and at the same time to offer the customers a discount in the involved touristic structures they promoted.For example a stables without accommodation can involve a local B&B and obtain a 10% discount for sending them the tourists, the B&B at the same time is already in contact with local restaurants and its guests will receive a 10% discount also there.

Through a simple homepage based only on symbols and a brief description of the tags plus a not necessary location search, the users can easily find their holiday in a modern way, without being closed in a single resort and discovering the local interconnected realities, often hidden because of the technology gap.

MIMOVO is also social, travelers can open their destination to other travelers in order to get better discounts or just post their intention to travel and find other mates.
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