Manipulist Save hours on your daily web tasks


Save hours on your daily web tasks...

Startup from United Kingdom

Manipulist is a suite of web apps which can save you hours on daily tasks!
It is mainly thought for professionals, programmers, digital marketers and growth hackers which spend most of their time on web-based tasks and risk to waste much of it of unnecessary tasks which Manipulist apps can sort in seconds!
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The suite includes:
Manipulist Toolkit - Sort out your text and data in seconds
Manipulist Toolkit is the ultimate DIY toolkit to solve most of your time-wasting digital text problems.

Manipulist Web Leads - Extract the hidden asset in your data
Manipulist Web Leads is the ultimate tool for marketing&sales people, which allows to extract websites, emails, twitter handles and hashtags from any text document.

Manipulist Color Palette - Find and try your color scheme on the fly!
Manipulist Color Palette is the ultimate tool for web designers and marketing people.
Manipulist Color Palette allows you to immediately visualise your color palette and how it stands over the background of your choice.
Choose multiple colors, background, font size and family and see the results.

Manipulist Sentimentalist - Sentiment analysis for everyone!
Manipulist Sentimentalist makes sentiment analysis easy and intuitive for anyone.
Simply type or upload a text file and run the analysis.
ML Sentimentalist will give you a result for each sentence found and provide you an overall score highlighted by a colorbar.

Manipulist Wikiextractor - Speed up your Wikipedia® research!
Manipulist Wikiextractor is a powerful tool for Wikipedia® users, which allows to extract plain text from any (English-only for the moment) Wikipedia® article and filter paragraphs or lines by keywords.




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