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Mailforge is a new ESP (Email service provider). We started development 1½ year ago from our homes with the vision that we could be the ones to build the next AI controlled marketing platform. We have completed almost all base features of an ESP, and are now moving on to the automation and later AI. 

We think there is room for one more strong player out there, in a crowded market.


Mailforge is build as an api first application. We use Laravel as a backend, VueJS SPA as frontend.

We aimed for a server-less setup, so that we could quickly expand if the need came. So we have seperated our application into Application servers, Database servers, Redis servers and more, givin us full control. The server´s are hosted as Droplets with Digital Ocean.

We use automated deployment scripts trough Laravel Envoyer and Laravel Forge. So everytime we make a code change, we deploy it to our servers from GIT with zero downtime.


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