LogSentinel Blockchain-inspired secure audit trail



Blockchain-inspired secure audit trail...



Data is now a company’s most valuable asset. Industry analysts estimate that 40% of all security incidents involve insiders manipulating confidential business data to gain at the expense of your company finance, reputation, and credibility.
LogSentinel is a solution that makes it impossible to manipulate data without detection.
Ensure that your data is tamper-free/tamper-evident, time-stamped and securely logged in two blockchains. Use it for forensics, security audits, and proof of GDPR compliance.
Control access to the logging capabilities and the Data Processing register, granting it only to those who need it - staff, management or auditors, or third-parties that work with your data.


LogSentinel is a secure audit log service that is simple to integrate and guarantees the integrity of all your audit data.

The technology relies on consecutively hashing all incoming audit log events, where each subsequent hash is formed by the data of the current entry combined with the hash of the previous entry. That way the audit log entries form a hash chain that cannot be “broken” – i.e. any manipulation to any of the entries will result in invalid hashes from that moment on.

The implementation is customized to account for various the business cases that should be addressed. 

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