Logology Get a designer-quality logo for your startup. In 5 minutes.


Get a designer-quality logo for your startup. In 5 minutes....

Logology is a dedicated online branding tool for startup creators. The platform automatically presents logos that align with desired values and messages. Effortlessly, the suggested shapes, colors, and fonts define the brand's visual identity. With a unique logo catalog created by a designer, Logology saves time and eliminates financial risks. No upfront payment is required, and you only purchase a logo if you're satisfied. 
Beyond its practicality, Logology leverages solid design expertise cultivated through years of experience and specialization in crafting visual identities. Rest assured, Logology guarantees both aesthetic quality and the semantic validity of the brand proposals.

The app was built using React, Gatsby, and CSS Grid. AWS Amplify for auth and functions, Prismic and Rails for CMS, and Amplify console for deployment.

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