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Say any, listen to all...

Tonto is an audio social network where users can record, upload, share, and listen to any audio like podcasts, comedy, news, talk shows, interviews, etc.

Tonto lets the users discover and enjoy recorded audio, SoundCloud-like!Already recorded? Upload it to Tonto and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and more. New to recording? Record a podcast, a talk show, or an interview. Take control: edit your recording before uploading it.

Tonto makes it easy to record a podcast or produce an episode of your favorite comedy or true crime show.

Here's what Tonto has to offer.
→ Connect with people by voice and text
→ Find and listen to audio that interests you
→ Record, edit and upload your own audio content
→ Explore already popular audio content

Tonto is available on iOS and Android.

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