Launchorb A free social-media powered entertainment app embedding the best and most relevant online media


A free social-media powered entertainment app embedding the best and most relevant online media...

Startup from United Kingdom

Launchorb is a social-media powered entertainment platform, ecosystem, community and creative development platform. Both registered and unregistered users can access a vastly equipped portal that allows them to navigate as individuals or ventures and actively connect, share and create their content or product. Creatives can share their work in a unique place, reach new fans, access targeted services and organize events, to support a new brand of user generated content and products online.


Launchorb’s competitors as a project are platforms that provide ‘user-powered’ premium content. These are free streaming media platforms such as Tradiio, ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Patreon. Our project plans to compete with these providers by focusing on ‘selecting’ only premium content to feature in its dedicated ‘play’ area. It will also provide ad-free content that will be available to share on social media and download across other streaming sites. Another major unique factor and chief selling point will be the platform’s free live event network that effectively holds events for content creators by starting a mini-enterprise with them.



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