is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Their mission is to promote kratom in the US, protect its brand name, and promote responsible, safe, and legal sources of the herb. The organization also promotes kratom science and research. Donations are welcome, as these funds help to fund legal fees, scientific research, and other expenses associated with the organization. is an advocacy group for kratom, working with government agencies and advocates on consumer issues. They fight against misleading narratives about the herb and help to create legislation for consumer freedom. In addition to this, they work with the industry to raise awareness about kratom as a safe, natural alternative to conventional drugs. works with the industry to ensure that Kratom is sold responsibly and is safe. They also fight against unfair laws and regulations regarding kratom. They also publish authentic, trustworthy informational materials on their website and outreach program. By working with these organizations, helps to provide the public with accurate information about kratom and protect consumers from harmful scams.

While Kratom is a safe plant medicine, it can be addictive. The Food and Drug Administration has a history of trying to regulate the plant, and supports law enforcement efforts to eradicate contaminated kratom. However, despite these efforts, the FDA has failed to understand the chemical makeup of kratom.

Starlight Kratom is a quality product that pays respect to Mother Nature. They strive to create a better lifestyle by educating the public about wellness alternatives. They offer capsules and powder that preserve the unique qualities of kratom. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction is also reflected in its 100% money-back guarantee.


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