klynd Accelerate your web testing process and improve customer relationships with klynd a visual feedback and bug-tracking tool


Accelerate your web testing process and improve customer relationships with klynd a visual feedback and bug-tracking tool...

Accelerate web testing and improve customer relations with klynd, a versatile visual feedback and bug-tracking tool designed for web projects. As a dynamic solution, klynd empowers teams to streamline their testing processes, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Unveil the power of klynd's private and public feedback widgets, which facilitate efficient collaboration among team members and engage customers for real-time insights. Seamlessly integrate klynd with your favorite apps like Trello, Jira, Slack, and more to ensure a smooth workflow and eliminate manual data entry.

Gain comprehensive insights through real-time reports that track project testing across various devices, browsers, and operating systems. klynd accommodates multiple project types, allowing you to create projects based on URLs or HTML files. Instantly collect valuable feedback by entering your project's URL or uploading HTML files to gain a dedicated project URL for easy sharing and collaboration.

Experience efficient feedback management with klynd-portal, a hub that centralizes project control and simplifies workflows. Navigate projects seamlessly with notification systems, advanced filters, and details panels. Collaborate seamlessly and resolve issues using journey workflows and kanban-style boards.

Discover limitless potential through klynd's innovative add-ons, including auto-sync, push-to, priorities, metadata insights, and more. klynd's user-friendly interface ensures universal compatibility across browsers and devices, while instant notifications keep project members informed.

Embark on a transformative journey with klynd. Test faster, collaborate better, and deliver excellence to your web projects. Sign up for klynd's free private feedback widget and unlock the power of efficient web testing today.

Built on a dynamic tech stack, our backend thrives with Node.js and Express, while our frontend marries React, Next.js, Angular, and native TypeScript for captivating interfaces. MongoDB fuels our data prowess, AWS ensures top-tier hosting. This tech symphony drives our commitment to seamless user experiences.

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