Unlimited Graphic Designs for a Flat Monthly Fee!

Unlimited Graphic Designs for a Flat Monthly Fee!...


The design service Kimp offers a graphic design monthly package, which allows businesses to get a dedicated design team for a fraction of the cost of working with freelancers and design agencies. For the flat fee of $389/mo, Kimp offers a dedicated design team which means you onboard once with a team and then keep working with them throughout all of your design projects.
So, they get to know your brand(s) and your expectations and as long as you remain a Kimp client, they’re available to you. 

A dedicated design team is made up of designers who focus on different types of design and a Project Manager who ensures that design requests are assessed and assigned for completion in the most efficient way possible. And what is the team able to do? Just about any digital or print design that you would need done to promote your business. And they deliver them at a rate of 2–3 designs per business day on average. Unless you’ve got a request that’s super complex or lengthy — or both. In that case you’ll get process work to review daily and full concepts and full iterations to review within 3–4 business days on average.

With so many different options for graphic design out there, finding an affordable unlimited graphic design service can sound too good to be true. And that might be the case if it also came with rush service, but one of the reasons Kimp is able to offer the value that it does is by focusing on certain areas of design (print and digital), and removing all the bells and whistles that can tack on a lot of fees (things like rush service or these design services: Motion Graphics, 3D Rendering, UI/UX Design, Website Or App Design).

One of the other value-adds of Kimp’s graphic design for a flat monthly fee is that design requests can be made and managed all in one place — Trello. On Trello clients can post and approve designs requests themselves, to their boards, or in collaboration with their team members whom they can add to their boards.

Another value add of the Kimp service is that every design created is available to the client it’s created for, to be used any way they’d like. We source out all of our stock photos and elements and fonts to make that they can be reused in any commercial or non-commercial application. And we only add designs which clients approve to our list of samples which be publicly shared. Find out more at


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