Keytrack Property Collaboration Platform for Completing Real Estate Deals


Property Collaboration Platform for Completing Real Estate Deals...

Transacting property deals can be complex and frustrating for many reasons. Given that the whole process involves multiple stakeholders communicating over multiple channels and dealing with multiple documents, each in their individual siloed processes, the whole thing is not transparent at all. As a result, participants end up chasing each other for important updates.  

Keytrack is the world’s first all participant, property collaboration platform for completing real estate deals (B2B Enterprise SaaS). Everyone involved in a property deal now shares one central place to track, manage and progress deal status from deal initiation through to completion.  

Keytrack’s entire stack is designed around security. We employ multiple levels of protection across reliable infrastructure and cloud-based technology so that you can access Keytrack from any device, wherever you are. 

We utilise the Cloudflare Suite to make rigorous and granular approaches for managing your privacy needs and adhering to compliance regulations – without sacrificing security or performance. Including WAF (Web Application Firewall) that acts as a shield to protect users from malicious attacks and data theft.

So whether you are an enterprise, SMB or individual, rest assure that Team Keytrack is ever-vigilant and ready to deal with security threats as soon as they are discovered!

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