Ready to turn your passions into profits? Kahana is dedicated to helping people make the most of their skills, knowledge assets, and IP. 

At the core of Kahana is the belief that everyone possesses a subject, field, or skill they could teach someone who was in their shoes two years ago, a year ago, or even six months ago. 

Through the Kahana platform, you can upload your best knowledge (information you've learned, notes, methodologies, best practices, and templates you've curated and created, etc.) on an ongoing basis and charge for access to it without having to build something from scratch. Zero code or expensive course building is required. 

Kahana is a collaborative platform designed to empower creators, experts, coaches, and businesses to leverage their knowledge assets through co-creation and collaboration. Share insights, methodologies, and best practices while generating recurring revenue.

Technology features and benefits:

Collaborate with unlimited people
Invite and manage an unlimited number of individuals to contribute to hubs, fostering seamless collaboration.

Create recurring revenue streams
Set hub prices, easily establish paywalls, and generate recurring revenue with automatic payouts using Kahana's integrated Stripe integration.

Moderate and scale with role-based tools
Assign specific roles and permissions (viewer, editor, commenter, admin) to collaborators for content management and control.

Build community
Encourage interaction and feedback through dynamic discussion threads.

Get discovered
Expand visibility by sharing knowledge hubs on the Kahana Explore Network, reaching a broader audience and increasing impressions.

Right out of the box, Kahana works with Notion, allowing users to embed hubs into Notion workspaces, enabling robust knowledge management, template-building, and monetization capabilities. Kahana also automatically works with many browser-based plugins like Grammarly and Pro Writing Aid.

Flexible plans

The Free Plan provides basic features for individuals to create and monetize up to 2 hubs at no cost. The Expert Plan allows users to create and monetize unlimited hubs. The Team Collaboration Plan is designed for teams that want to administer and control projects on a per-seat basis. The Enterprise Plan caters to larger organizations with custom solutions and dedicated support.

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