JudgeUs The Revolutionary App for Couples’ Dispute Resolution


The Revolutionary App for Couples’ Dispute Resolution...

JudgeUs in an app for collaborative decision-making and opinion sharing on a wide range of topics. At its core, JudgeUs empowers individuals to present their arguments or inquiries and tap into the collective wisdom of the community. Users can ask questions, seek feedback, or explore diverse perspectives on various aspects of life, such as personal dilemmas, lifestyle choices, career decisions, and more. The app provides a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages open-mindedness, empathy, and understanding.
JudgeUs stands out for its crowd-sourced decision-making process, where users can actively participate by voting on decisions or favoring specific arguments. This approach ensures a fair and impartial evaluation of different viewpoints, enabling users to gain valuable insights and make informed choices.
Beyond resolving relationship disputes, JudgeUs is a versatile platform that caters to a diverse range of interests and inquiries. It offers an opportunity for individuals to broaden their perspectives and challenge their assumptions.

The app was made on IOS with Swift

Startup from United States of America

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