IveTime We really don't understand why most of the IveTimers are girls Ꙭ



We really don't understand why most of the IveTimers are girls Ꙭ...



"The worlds most spontaneous App for meetups  with your Friends or just by your own." Vin Diesel     Are you bored? Wanna be spontaneous? IveTime stands for "I have time".   Who of my friends have time - right now? Press the IveTime Button: IveTime tells you.   No idea where to meet?! IveTime suggests you a venue in the middle - fair for all, isn't it?   No idea what to do?! Let IveTime make a guess for you.    And what if none of my friends have time?  IveTime tells you what you even can do on your own instead. And IveTime will inform you as soon as your friends have time!   And what if I do not have any friends yet? IveTime suggests you other IveTimers with similar interests that want to meet you :)   ___   - No problem with asking friends having no time. - No endless discussion about place, event nor activity. - No wasted time. ___   Ask your friends to install IveTime too in order to make this work - it's a social app.   We just need the mobile number to connect you with your friends (just like WhatsApp). No worries about that please. And the location is only needed to suggest you a nice venue.   Give IveTime a try!


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