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Ivacy is a VPN software client that helps you bypass geo-restricted content, access streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. Ivacy offers 256-bit military-grade encryption to keep your internet connection secure and anonymous from data stealing. 

With Ivacy VPN you can:
- Unblock streaming channels like Disney Plus
- Bypass geo-restrictions
- Access the internet anonymously
- Download Torrents securely and anonymously

Advance Features of Ivacy:

IPv6 Leak Protection
IPv6 can be compromised and your online activities can be spied on. Ivacy offers IPv6 leak protection to keep your public IP address secure from ISP spying.

Secure DNS:
DNS leaks are the most common leaks when a user is browsing internet without a VPN connection in place. Ivacy encrypts your connection and keep your DNS secure.

DDoS Protection:
Most of the businesses online suffer from DDoS attacks through malicious websites and links they visit. With a secure Ivacy VPN connection, your online experience remains 100% secure and chances of DDoS attacks become impossible. 


Internet Kill Switch:
Our internet kill switch is the ultimate guard whenever your VPN connection drops. Ivacy VPN immediately stops your internet connection so that your DNS could never be leaked or your real IP address is not exposed by any chance.

Dedicated IP:
A dedicated IP is really helpful when it comes to personalized accessibility. With a dedicated IP you can whitelist a specific IP address to access your company accounts or data in general. It adds an extra layer of security to keep your data safe and encrypted. 




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