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"ini" stands for "I Need It" and sounds like 3 first letters in "initiative" word. It is an application that makes family shopping easier. With sharing and synchronization features users can easily manage lists from home while their spouses are doing shopping. Three sections system allows users to make shopping comfortable and reuse their lists for the next time. 

ini is made for creating/managing/sharing lists. You are able to make lists of any kind, add products to them and check what you have bought, what you need to buy and what is useless for now. Synchronization allows you to have same lists on all your devices under single Google account. Add people to your lists and they will be able to see all changes that you are making and so you are able to see theirs. Sharing feature allows you to send your products in text format via any comfortable for you app. Small customization and adding pictures are also available.


Android and iOS applications written in Java and Swift 4 are followed by NodeJS backend.

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