Infinipoint Discover, Manage & Secure All IT Assets in Real Time


Discover, Manage & Secure All IT Assets in Real Time...


Infinipoint enables enterprises of all sizes to automate cyber hygiene across their entire IT estate, with unprecedented speed and scale. Through ongoing asset discovery and continuous risk management and remediation, Infinipoint improves the security posture of your IT assets and provides unprecedented visibility and control to address any issue, in seconds. As the IT environment grows increasingly complex, security teams struggle to implement the best practices that prevent attackers from succeeding. Basic tasks like updating software and hardening configuration are time-consuming, labor-intensive processes that are often based on incomplete or outdated inventory. Infinipoint’s platform is designed for today’s dynamic enterprise network – covering all assets, from traditional endpoints to IoT, cloud workloads and mobile devices. It enables organizations to gain an accurate, complete picture of their assets and immediately implement the security best practices that organizations of all sizes still struggle with today. Infinipoint automates cyber hygiene through an iterative process of asset discovery & management, risk assessment, real-time investigation, and continuous remediation. Cloud-delivered and clientless for rapid deployment, Infinipoint uses cutting-edge technology to make real-time visibility and control across tens of thousands of IT assets a reality for organizations of all sizes.


With advancements in cyber threats and consistently evolving IT environments, Infinipoint goes beyond the traditional approach for managing and securing endpoints. It provides a solution that bridges the existing gap between IT and Security teams within enterprises. The result? A comprehensive real-time and scalable platform for managing and securing your assets, whether traditional endpoints within your organizations, mobile devices outside of your organizations, IoT devices or cloud workloads


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