incrediBits Build it, and share the journey. Tell the world about the things you learn.


Build it, and share the journey. Tell the world about the things you learn....

Startup from United Kingdom
Description is a subscription free social media platform that is designed to allow communities of online users to share the progress of their projects, primarily aimed at DIY electronics beginners/enthusiasts, makers, hardware hackers and programmers.

We're here to offer a simple and straightforward place for you to write about any projects you're working on, and to share your progress with like-minded people. All projects are welcome whether it's hardware, electronics, software, or just a collection of notes or anecdotes that you'd like to share.

The incrediBits community is here to cheer you on! Show off your creations, document and share the bits, sweat and tears as you work through your projects in a series of connected project posts. You will receive instance feedback, support and advice from your followers, share code, pictures, videos, related to the build.






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