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iBrush 365

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Startup from United States of America

Designed to offer consumers a deeper mouth cleaning is the iBrush 365 that features an innovative rounded disc bristle head that scrubs away at plaque in a downward action moving from the gums to the teeth. This makes the iBrush 365 brush a move effective cleaning tool as visiting a dentist office since the design mimics the tools professionals use in-house. 

Many traditional toothbrushes opt for a series of bristles that stand up straight to clean teeth using an abrasive surface. The iBrush 365 offers a more intensive cleaning using a rounded disc head that features 1200 micro brush bristles that offer a softer, yet deeper clean. The rounded shape of the brush head is designed for a more effective cleaning regime that move from the gums down to the teeth rather than vice-versa.


The iBrush 365 ™spins 360- degrees in both directions, allowing for a complete clean. It cleans, polishes and tightens the gums, leading to maximum oral health without changing a user’s brushing habit.
The iBrush’s patented round head rotates approximately 13,200 micro bristles to clean in a downward motion, spinning from the gums toward the teeth without damaging the enamel surface. It also massages the gums and dislodges food particles and plaque away from the gums. The lithium ion battery allows for quick charges and a long-lasting battery life.



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