Humaniq Empowering Emerging  Economies


Empowering Emerging Economies...

Startup from Luxembourg

Humaniq  is a blockchain banking 4.0 application for mobile devices that run on the iOS or Android operating systems. 
Humaniq is based on the Ethereum blockchain protocol and along with the core banking operations, will also allow 3rd party companies to plug into the app and offer services such as P2P lending, business loans, personal loans, insurance, and data security. 
The company was founded by Alex Fork in 2016, with testing and global rollout of the application planned for 2017. 

We have created a safe, strong financial tool, specifically designed to be used by people who are undereducated or who don’t possess identification. Most of them live in emerging economies on less than 2 dollars a day. We believe we can change that.

We have created Humaniq to implement two big ideas: to open access to modern financial services for 2 billion unbanked people, and to allow vetted partners to participate in building ‘win-win’ products and services for the Humaniq community that can provide revenue and services for all the stakeholders.


We are using biometrics to replace passports and signatures, and distributed digital assets via our cryptocurrency instead of shareholders.
 Users will have a simple UX and UI to tap into the mobile application and will also have access to the global library we call the Internet. They can work, borrow, lend, save and pay and it will all be protected by their biometric ID which no one can take from them.

Our open source stack and APIs will be available for startups and other businesses to build services on our core technologies to stimulate the ecosystem and circular economy even further. The Ethereum Blockchain APIS ad makes it easy for any business to easily adapt their service and plug it into Humaniq’s network to reach a huge, untapped audience.



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