Chiefly Feedback on your leadership in real time.


Feedback on your leadership in real time....

Startup from United States of America

Chiefly is a plug in to your meetings and give you feedback on your emotions, percentage speaking time, keywords, and engagement. You use our feedback to be a better leader in real time.

We show leaders and their company's insights about how they are developing as a leader over time and link their insights to company and individual Objectives and Key Results in order to demonstrate a clear ROI to the company’s goals.


We use Feedback AI™ technology to deliver new insights to leaders. Our web app utilizes behavioral science and deep learning to give leaders feedback in real time about how to improve their effectiveness in meetings with their team members or clients. Chiefly's AI model automatically extracts insights that would otherwise be hard to see during any online meeting conducted. Insights include engagement scores, core emotions during the call, and key themes discussed during the meeting. We do this using tone of voice, emotion, facial expression, and keyword analysis with natural language processes (NLP). The data extracted is used to provide actionable analytics for the users.



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