Vivafit Vivafit is AI powered fitness app


Vivafit is AI powered fitness app ...

Vivafit is a fitness app based on AI-technologies which replaces workouts with a personal trainer. The camera analyzes all the movements during the exercises and adjust them if necessary. After several training sessions, the algorithm processes all the collected data and creates an individual workout plan depending on the goals.
During the workout AI:
- analyzes movements and techniques;
- warns if the user is doing something wrong;
- counts reps;
- tells when to finish or go to the next exercise.
After several workouts, Vivafit precisely selects the right physical activity for the user’s body, finds out which exercises bring maximum efficiency, advises various nutrition programs.

The founders are planning to expand the functionality of the app by adding men's training. The guys have already released the app both on Android and App Store. 
Problems that the team identified at the start:
- most women can't afford a good coach;
- going to the gym takes a lot of time;
- if women don’t know the right exercise technique, they could hurt themselves. 
Therefore, the main goal: to help women take care of themselves and their own health, saving time and money.Vivafit is an alternative to the gym, fitness coach and static fitness app.

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