VCV VCV is an AI-powered platform that helps companies hire more ethically, smarter and faster


VCV is an AI-powered platform that helps companies hire more ethically, smarter and faster...

Startup from United States of America

VCV is a cloud-based hiring solution, which helps businesses identify potential candidates and conduct video interviews using face or voice recognition capabilities. Features include resume screening, interview scheduling, email invitations, and predictive analytics.

VCV enables employers to create job vacancies using details submitted through questionnaires and provides landing pages to be shared across various platforms such as company career pages, job boards, messenger systems, and more. It allows candidates to submit applications via landing page links and record video responses. Recruiters can prepare tests/assessments using audio, video, pictures, and text, set up time limits and pass marks, and rearrange questions for applicants. The solution allows professionals to view candidate application responses or test results and share them with panel members for further consideration.

VCV helps managers streamline the onboarding process for new hires by creating lessons from lectures or webinars and collecting feedback in acknowledgments. Organizations can use the analytics module to monitor the progress of ongoing recruitment processes, calculate average hiring time/conversion rate, track the number of applications submitted, and more.


VCV is a great video interviewing tool. It's an AI-powered platform that helps companies hire more ethically, smarter and faster by preliminary selection of resumes, conducting automated screening calls and video interviews with face and voice recognition. We also offer anti-cheating tests, voice and chat bots, search bot. VCV integrates with all kinds of ATS, job boards, testing systems and other digital tools to make candidates' experience even better.




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