Teamo Build stronger relationships with fun and lively group cards for teams.


Build stronger relationships with fun and lively group cards for teams....

Startup from United States of America

We are Teamo, a platform to celebrate work occasions and workplace connections with social and lively group cards. ???? 

Whether we work remotely or not, we all crave for authentic, tight-knit team culture. Teamo aims to help build a sense of camaraderie and genuine workplace connections when you celebrate your team with more than just a Slack message-- and instead, a lively social group card with thoughtful messages. ????  

Fun features:

  • Avatar studio
  • GIF, photos, fun backgrounds
  • Card delivery scheduling (keeps your mind off on when to deliver!)
  • Card sharing via mass email
  • and more! 

Engaged employees who feel like they are a part of the workplace culture, create value through hard work and productivity. 

We hope Teamo will empower teams around the world to stay connected and have a blast working together even if social distancing keeps us physically apart ????


Employee engagement tool; Bottom-up SaaS product




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