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The majority of today's static web traffic is made up of images. While many tools exist for preparing images for the web, such as Photoshop's Save For Web tool and a plethora of other existing resizing and compression techniques, most tools have major shortcomings - such as being restricted to just one format (such as GIF, PNG or JPEG). Many tools will simply force an image down to a particular quality level such as a quality setting of 70 for JPEG images, regardless of what the results look like. And even after processing images through such tools, we find that there are still significant byte savings to be made on most images, without significantly impacting their visual detail.

That's where fits in to the equation.

Kraken's optimization algorithms excel at determining the optimal balance of image quality and filesize, often greatly reducing image size while retaining sufficient quality for the vast majority of use cases. This means, for the publisher, more efficient use of storage and network bandwidth, and for the end user faster loading pages and apps, and a generally better user experience.


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